Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Book Giveaway Follow-up: Liveblogging the Coin Toss

I still have to decide who wins the free copy of James Jay's wonderful poetry book, The Journeymen (Gorsky Press), generously donated by Mike Faloon. Margaret Bashaar and Ron Kolm are the two contenders, and there's no way I can subjectively choose--they are both poets I admire, both writers full of energy and enthusiasm for the small press.

To solve this dilemma, I have enlisted poet, publisher, and bookseller, Kristofer Collins, to witness a coin toss. See the comments for the results and Kris' confirmation.

Heads, Margaret Bashaar wins....

Barefoot and Listening, poems by Margaret Bashaar (Tilt Press)

Tails, Ron Kolm wins....

Dreamscapes, poems edited by Ron Kolm, Jennifer Ross and Paul Meyers (Autonomedia)

And the winner is.......[See comments]


Low Ghost Press said...

The coin toss was just fraught with excitement...and the results are in - Ron Kolm wins!!

ron said...

hey, i never win anything! -- thank you very much! -- but i would like to swap a book in appreciation -- can i get a snail-mail address somewhere along the way? -- thanks again, low ghost press, and of course, thank you karen lillis!