Thursday, February 17, 2011

Challenge: The Revenge of Print

I have been surprised to run into small press friends lately who have NOT heard of the REVENGE OF PRINT 2011 Challenge, sponsored by Quimby's (Chicago) and Atomic Books (Baltimore). So I'm here to tell you about it. It's very simple, really. If you've ever made a zine, mini-comic, or other micro-press serial, make another one in 2011. Make one more issue. If you're sick of hearing about the "death of print" and the "end of books" and the "e-publishing revolution," remind the world about the Mimeograph Revolution that got you into this biz in the first place. If you've been taking a break, if you've gotten lazy or complacent, if you had a falling out with your co-editor, if your plans for the next ish are so elaborate that it's taken you three years to work on it....make 2011 the year that you get on with it. Be a comeback kid. Just do it.

You can join the conversation here on the Revenge of Print Facebook page. And no, that's not irony, or foreshadowing, or inevitability. That's the way we live now, in a world where digital communication and print publications can CO-EXIST.

What will you publish in 2011?

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Margaret Bashaar said...

So far I've got two chapbooks lined up to publish through Hyacinth Girl Press this year, my nerdtastic Star Trek poetry anthology, and one of my own chapbooks is being published through Blood Pudding Press. I am totally on top of this "don't let print die" party.