Friday, February 4, 2011

Itinerant Poetry Booksellers Will Stalk You at AWP

Exciting news: "Berl's Poetry Book Shop" is the name of a bookstore seeking a home. Until they find a brick and mortar space, poets/
proprietors Farrah Field and Jared White will be itinerant booksellers, hawking their wares at craft fairs around New York (such as Brooklyn Flea) and elsewhere.

Look for Farrah and Jared at AWP this weekend, where they will be seeking your poetry books (especially handmade chapbooks) to sell. If you're not at AWP, contact them through their blog:

Brooklyn will soon join Boulder, Cambridge, and Seattle in having the nation's few bookstores dedicated solely to poetry:

In January, the nation's third poetry-only bookstore opened in Boulder, Colorado:
Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe

Groiler Poetry Book Shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts has been open since 1927:

Open Books in Seattle is the only poetry-only bookseller on the West Coast: