Thursday, December 16, 2010

Small Press Holiday Recommendations: The Third Thursday of Advent

Tao Lin is everywhere, so I’m really surprised no one on this blog has recommended his newest book: the novel Richard Yates, put out by the powerhouse small press publisher, Brooklyn-based Melville House. Tao Lin is a poet and fiction writer, a blogger, a prankster, and a relentless self-promoter: If you’re on the literary web, Tao Lin’s name comes up at least three times a day. On my last visit to New York, I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing stickers for his books: on the street, in cafe bathrooms. I’ll admit I started asking all my favorite writers and small press people, “What’s the deal with this Tao Lin character? Is there any substance behind the hype?” And they all said immediately, “Richard Yates is a great book.” I haven’t yet read it, but I can pass on the fact that it was one of the most talked about, and most recommended, small press books of 2010. I will also pass on this hilarious review from New York Tyrant editor, Giancarlo DiTrapano, called I Like Tao Lin Now.

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