Saturday, December 22, 2012

Best of the Small Press 2012: Bart Plantenga

1. The Revolution of Everyday Life by Raoul Vaneighem (Reissue on PM Press/Autonomedia, 2012)

2. On Bolus Head by Michael Carter with etchings by Brian Gormley (En Garde Books, 2012)

3. Tsunami of Love by Eddie Woods (Barncott Press, 2012)

4. The Banjo Clock by Karen Garthe (University of California Press, 2012)

5. Backwards the Drowned Go Dreaming by Carl Watson (Sensitive Skin Press, 2012)

6. To Cook A Continent: Destructive Extraction and Climate Change in Africa by Nnimmo Bassey (Pambazuka Press, 2012)

--Picks by bart plantenga, author of Yodel in Hi-Fi (University of Wisconsin Press, 2012) and the two urban-mirror, zen-street books Paris Scratch and NY Sin Phoney in Face Flat Minor (both on Barncott Press, 2012).


Please see a late addition to Ron Kolm's 2012 picks. As always, I hope you'll browse the numerous posts for the Best of The Small Press 2012.

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Unknown said...

My copy of On Bolus Head by Carter and Gormley is more than deserving of its place on this list. The oversize volume is a work of book-making art filled with artistic and poetic genius. The poems are brilliant and the etchings are powerful. It is one our proud possessions and occupies a prominent spot on our bookshelves. Glad we got it before the limited edition is all gone!
Uke Jackson