Friday, September 10, 2010

Howl! Festival in New York

In honor of the three-day, eighth annual Howl! Festival that starts today in New York, I've decided to repost two resources I made last December for finding out more about (or teaching) Howl via the library.

The first is a two-part video I made about the history of Ginsberg's groundbreaking poem, and about how to find books and other resources on Howl at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh:

See part one of the Howl video HERE.

Part two is HERE.

The second resource is a LibraryThing catalog I complied of 58 resources on Howl. Essentially an annotated bibliography, this catalog includes notes on the relevance of each resource to the poem and helpful aids like links to online resources (including some readings of the poem) or relevant page numbers for anthologies. LibraryThing itself is useful for always being one or two clicks away from Worldcat, Amazon, or reader suggestions.

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