Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pop-Up Indie Bookstore To Inhabit Former Borders

Dateline Pittsburgh:

A new bookstore called Fleeting Pages will inhabit the space of a just-closing Borders in Pittsburgh city limits starting April 30. They will sell books by indie presses and self-publishers; hold book-making workshops, readings, and other events; and are open to other suggestions by writers and artists in the indie community. At this date, they plan to occupy the space for one month and possibly 6 weeks, after which they may regroup and pop up in another space.

Note that the organizers are seeking indie books, journals, and comics from small press folks based all over, not just Pittsburgh. See under Submit Work.

Find Fleeting Pages' website here:

Find Fleeting Pages on Facebook:




Jessica said...

OMG this is literally the most exciting news ever!

Stan D. said...


Margaret Bashaar said...

This looks amaaaaazing. I can't wait!!

Unknown said...

That is incredible! I am thrilled that Pittsburgh will have another bookstore and nearly speechless that a big box store is being replaced by an indie. I love this!

Don Wentworth said...

Karen, it just doesn't get better than this, even if only for a month.


Deborah said...

hi, I run a traveling show called the Itinerant Book Show where I go all over, that is wherever someone would like to have me come visit, and talk about the indie books, self-published and under served authors I have in my car. If any of you are interested, please let me know and I would be glad to schedule a show.
Deborah Emin